Trivia Online Questions and Answers


Trivia Online Questions and Answers


Trivia Online Questions and Answers


General Trivia Questions


1. What was the contribution of Egypt in the field of government?
Answer: A well organized monarchy.

2. What is the name given to the first stage in the formation of a star:
Answer: Nebula.

3. Name the two types of complex permanent tissues in plants:
Answer: Xylem and Phloem.

4. Which substance precipitated when potassium Potassium peroxymonosulfate and potassium iodide solution are heated?
Answer: Iodine.

5. Which is the speediest and most costly mode of transport?
Answer: Air transport.

6. Which subsystem provides the MS- DOS machine environment in windows NT?
Answer: A win 32 based application called VDM (Virtual DOS machine)

7. How can we achieve full wave rectification?
Answer: By using two diodes and a suitable transformer or by using four diodes full wave rectification can be achieved.

8. The output of concrete mixer is usually expressed in cubic meters per _
Answer: Hour.

9. What make permanent hardness in water?
Answer: Chloride and sulfate.

10. Who said, “…. the sole end of science is the honor of the human mind…”?
Answer: C.G.J. Jacobi)

11. Who discovered Scotch tape?
Answer: Richard Drew.

12. Which two British engineers got together in 1905 to design and produce cars?
Answer: Rolls-Royce.

13. Who was the last great philosopher that lived towards the close of the Imperial age in Egypt?
Answer: Amenemope.

14. What are the Galilean Moons?
Answer: The four moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo are called the Galilean Moons.

15. Write examples of certain plants that grow only where there is heat and humid:
Answer: Jute. Coconut, Rubber etc.


Online Trivia with Answers


16. Which factor does not influence the reaction rate of chemical reactions?
Answer: Color.

17. Which transport represents the oldest form of transport?
Answer: Ocean transport.

18. In computing, a terminal that has no processing capability is called:
Answer: Dumb terminal.

19. What are the two methods of modulation?
Answer: Amplitude modulation, Frequency modulation.

20. Di-calcium silicate has resistance to:
Answer: Chemical attack.

21. Name a radical in water:
Answer: Mercury.

22. Who said, “Algebra is generous; she often gives more than is asked of her”?
Answer: Jean le Rond d’Alembert.

23. Who invented Transistor?
Answer: Bardeen, Shockley & Brattain.

24. What do American call the jet fuel paraffin?
Answer: Kerosene.

25. Which was the typical examples of the architectural skills of ancient Egyptians?
Answer: The pyramids and the temples.

26. What did the American Edwin Hubble classify as ‘spirals’, ‘barred spirals’ and ‘ellipticals’?
Answer: Galaxies.

27. Write examples of certain plants that grow only in cold regions:
Answer: Pine and Cedar, tea plants etc.

28. Write the name of one element in zero group:
Answer: Helium.

29. What is the meaning of ‘Causa Proxima’?
Answer: Nearest Cause.

30. The personal Computers and workstations were introduced in:
Answer: 1980.

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