Top General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English


Top General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English


Top General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English


General Knowledge Part 1


1. Who were the other powers who invaded Egypt after Alexander?
Answer: The Romans, the Arabs, the Turks, and the British.


2. Who built the first giant-size reflector telescope far back in 1789?
Answer: Sir William Herschel (1738-1822)


3. How does Jussiaea float on water?
Answer: It has some white spongy side roots to help it to float on water.


4. The scientist who prepared the electro negativity scale?
Answer: Linus Pauling.


5. Which industries are engaged in the reproduction, breeding and multiplication of certain species of plants and animals?
Answer: Genetic Industry.


6. The first computer graphics used movie is:
Answer: TRON (1982)


7. Who discovered IC chip?
Answer: Kilby.


8. The most suited door for the hospital wards is:
Answer: Sash door.


9. What makes the color of water green?
Answer: Phytoplankton.


10. One of the greatest mathematicians of the time always used to say, “I desire only tranquility and repose”. Who was he?
Answer: René Descartes.


General Knowledge Part 2


11. Who invented propeller (ship)?
Answer: Francis Smith.


12. When did the Assyrians conquer Egypt?
Answer: In 670 B.C.


13. Who is the founder of the Theory of Expanding universe?
Answer: The American astronomer, (Edwin Hubble (1889-1953)


14. Name the mode of nutrition in plants:
Answer: Holophytic.


15. The electronic configuration of an element is 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p3. To which group it belongs?
Answer: 5th group.


16. What is the remedy to all business risks?
Answer: Insurance.


17. What is Windows NT?
Answer: It is a 32 bit operating system.


18. What are the three basic electronic functions?
Answer: Rectification, amplification and oscillation.


19. In mass-housing project, break-even point indicates the:
Answer: Number of houses to be built for the best cost/benefit ratio.


20. Which are the two types of hardness of water?
Answer: Temporary and permanent.


General Knowledge Part 3


21. Who said, “Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics?
Answer: Siméon Denis Poisson.


22. Who discovered Rubber (latex foam)?
Answer: Dunlop Rubber Co.


23. Why was Egypt called the cradle of civilization?
Answer: The civilization developed there was a magnificent one.


24. The astronomical observatory built in India in the 17thcentury is a world famous one. Name this observatory:
Answer: Jantar Mantar.


25. How do plant cells differ from animal cells?
Answer: In having cell walls, plastids and large vacuoles.


26. What happened when the size of the atom increases?
Answer: The electronegativity decreases.


27. Windows NT was developed by which company in which year?
Answer: By Microsoft Corporation in 1993.


28. How does the pickup tube help the television system?
Answer: The pickup tube is a part of TV camera. It changes the optical image into video signals.


29. The probability of completion of a project in the expected project completion period is:
Answer: 50%.


30. What make temporary hardness in water?
Answer: Bicarbonates and carbonates.

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